Dear Contributing Authors,

We are grateful to your contributions to IIHMSP-2009.

This Author Guide is presented with the goal of helping you in the procedure for conference registration, and in the preparation of the camera-ready copies and the copyright release forms for your papers.

You are kindly reminded with the following issues:

1. Important Due Dates
a. Due date for Conference Registration: March 05, 2009. Extended deadline: March 29, 2009
b. Notification data of Acceptance: April 30, 2009. Postponed to: May 12, 2009
c. Due date for Camera-Ready Copy: May 30, 2009. Extended deadline: June 10, 2009
d. Due date for Copyright Release Form: May 30, 2009. Extended deadline: June 10, 2009

2. Conference Registration
a. As a prerequisite of having your paper included in the proceedings, conference registration is due by June 10, 2009.
b. Please refer to for detailed information regarding the conference registration.

3. Paper Format
a. For each paper, there is a 4-page limitation, including all figures, tables, and references. Authors will be allowed 2 extra pages at a cost of US $50 per additional page.
b. The detailed specification of the paper format is given in the following templates:
i. Word:
ii. LaTeX:
c. It is highly recommended to use above templates directly in the formatting of your final manuscripts.

4. Camera-Ready Copy
a. The Conference Publishing Services of the IEEE Computer Society( accepts your final manuscripts in Portable Document Format (pdf) as the camera-ready copies.
b. Please convert your final manuscripts from Word/LaTeX into pdf using your preferred utilities. Please configure your pdf-conversion utilities for maximal portability, such as embedding all fonts.
c. For authors looking for pdf-conversion utilities, the following tools are unofficially recommended:
i. Word-to-pdf: PrimoPDF from activePDF
ii. LaTeX-to-pdf: MikTeX 2.5 from MikTeX Project and WinEdt v5.4 by Aleksander Simonic.
d. Please remove page numbers from your final manuscripts.
e. If you had experienced any difficulty in the conversion, please feel free to send your source files to us ( Our staffs will offer you necessary supports.

5. File Naming and Submission
a. Please use your assigned Paper ID No. in the naming of your camera-ready copies, such as IIHMSP-2009-0001.pdf and IIHMSP-2009-IS01-01.pdf.
b.Please upload your camera-ready copies via the conference web site at by May 30, 2009.

6. Copyright Release Form
a. A signed copyright release form is required for your papers to be included in the conference proceedings.
b. After you upload your camera-ready copies, the website of Conference Publishing Services of the IEEE Computer Society will automaticaly issue the Copyright form for your paper. You can downlod it from the website of Conference Publishing Services after you upload you camera-ready copies.
c. Please fill in the fields for “Paper Title” and “Author List”, and sign on appropriate line.
d. Please scan the signed copyright release form and convert it into pdf.
e. Please use your assigned Paper ID No. in the naming of your signed copyright release forms, such as IIHMSP-2008-0001-cf.pdf and IIHMSP-2008-IS01-01-cf.pdf.
f. Please upload your signed copyright release forms via the conference web site at by May 30, 2009.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know ( for any need of technical assistance regarding the processing of your papers.

Program Committee of IIHMSP-2009
E-mail: ml-iihmsp09