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The on-line IIHMSP2009 Registration Site has been opened on may 23.

The IIHMSP2009 online registration website is

(1)The accepted authors need to register by June 10, 2009(No change). Any accepted paper without rigistration will not be included in the IIHMSP2009 Proceeding CD-ROM.

(2)The IIHMSP2009 participants must make registrations through the IIHMSP2009 online Registration Site and pay the fees according to your type of registration.

(3)Each paper must have one rigistration (If the same author has more than one paper accepted, his/her other papers also need to be rigistered at the same rate as the first one).

(4)All attendees will get the receipts of conference registration fees from IIHMSP2009 at the reception desk during the conference days.

Type of Registrations

Type of Registration

Early-bird Registration

Late/On site Registration
(After 22:00, June 10)

Regular Rigistration

JPY 48,000

JPY 58,000

Student Rigistration

JPY 38,000

JPY 48,000

Extra Page Fee per extra page

JPY 10,000

Banquet for Accompany person

JPY 8,000

Student : Full-time Students
Please send us copies of your Student ID Card (both sides) or Student Registration Certificate written in English to the below address.

Please be noted that if the document may not arrive within one week of your registration payment, we may cancel your student registration.

* Please write your name and registration number (Y******) clearly.

Both regular registration and student registration include the following expenses for one person.

  • a. All of the conference programs during the IIHMSP2009 period including keynote addresses, and sessions.
  • b. A Proceeding CD-ROM
  • c. One ticket for Reception in the evening of Saturdat, Sept. 12
  • d. One ticket for Banquet in the evening of Sunday, Sept. 13
  • e. coffee break.

Accompanying Person:
An accompanying person is not allowed to register independently.
Accompanying persons are not allowed to participate in the conference program and must pay JPN8000 for Banquet.

Early-bird Deadline

Early-bird rates will be automatically applied to the payment completed by 10 p.m., Wednesday, June 10, 2009 (UTC),at the online IHMSP2009 Registration Site.
Please be sure to complete your payment as early as possible, as it is expected that the on-line system will be highly congested immediately before the deadline which may cause registration failures due to system errors.

On-line Registration and Cancellation Fees

The IIHMSP2009 Registration Site will end all of the transactions at 10 p.m., Monday, Aug. 31 (UTC).
After Aug. 31, please contact the secretariat for the registration, and make payment on-site at the reception desk on the day of the conference.

No refunds will be given for any reason whatsoever for cancellations made after rigistration.
Additional registration or changes for the Accompanying Person Program can be made by 10 p.m., Monday, Aug. 31, 2009 at the Registration Site. For any additions and changes after that date, please contact the secretariat.