IIHMSP2009 will be held at Mielparque Kyoto ("PALULU Plaza Kyoto" until September 2007) on Sept. 12-14, 2009.
Mielparque Kyoto is very close to Kyoto station (Train map from Kansai International Airport).

Please refer to the follwing website for local information:
(1) Kyoto station;
(2) Google map for conference place

Transportation to/from the kansai airport:

The cheapest option to get to the conference venue is by public transportation. There are two options for accessing the conference venue by public transportation.

(1)The JR express HARUKA train:

You can take a JR express HARUKA train to Kyoto station directly. It take 75 minutes by JR express HARUKA train from Kansai airport to Kyoto. For taking the JR express HARUKA, there need two tickts: the common tickt for taking any train (1830JPY) and the special tickt for express (1860JPY). There are two exits in Kyoto station: Central exit and Hachijo exit.

The Central exit is to:

a. The conference Venue (MIELPARQUE, Kyoto)---3-min.-walk;
b. Hotel Granvia Kyoto (Banquet place)---2-min.-walk;
c. Kyoto Tower Hotel (Accommodation)---4-min.-walk;
d. Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto (Accommodation)---10-min.-walk.

The Hachijo exit is to:

a. Hotel Keihan Kyoto (Accommodation)---4-min.-walk;
b. Kyoto Dai-Ichi Hotel (Accommodation)---10-min.-walk;

(2) The airport shuttle bus:

You can take an airport shuttle bus to Kyoto directly from Kansai airport. The Kyoto bus station is near to the Hachijo exit of Kyoto traing station. It take about 5 minutes by walk from bus station to the Hachijo exit of the train station.

The following is the simple area map around Mielparque Kyoto:

The following is the Floor Plans of Conference Venue: